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National Employment Guide Job Posting - 30 day run


This product is a 30 day online job posting on  Employment Guide receives over 800,000 visitors on their search results pages monthly.  This is a great product for national recruiters or business opportunity promoters who have a tangible product that is promoted like Avon, Ameriplan, Motor Club of America, etc.

Ads are generally posted only within 1-2 business days of the order.  


Is your ad longer than base price?
300 Word Base Ad - $2,250.00

Standard Number of Words: 300
Number of Publications: 1
Circulation: 800,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: Postings must be for recruitment ads for W-2 positions or business opportunities for companies that are promoting products or services only. Affiliate lead generation opportunities are not accepted. If an ad is placed and found to be of this nature, the postings will be removed and no refund granted. Please contact us at for pre-approval is there is a question pertaining to acceptance.