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Mid-Atlantic Free Community Papers - Western Region

Code: 1160

Pennsylvania/ Mid-Atlantic Shoppers is an excellent network made up of 108 Free Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly distribution shopper papers centering around Pennsylvania but also including parts of Ohio, West New York, Virginia and West Virginia with a Circulation of 1.5 Million!

There is a two week window in which these print classified ads run with most ads hitting midweek.

Classified advertising rate is based on 20 words.


Is your ad longer than base price?
20 Word Base Ad - $259.00
25 Word Ad - $338.00
30 Word Ad - $417.00
35 Word Ad - $496.00
40 Word Ad - $575.00
45 Word Ad - $654.00

Save With our Quantity Specials
Quantity Price Break
1 $259.00
4 $227.92

Standard Number of Words: 20
Number of Publications: 108
Circulation: 1,500,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: No dateline or chatline classified ads. All ads with a 800/888/877/866/899 numbers must have company name in the ad. Individual publishers reserve the right to edit copy submitted & reject that which is not in compliance w/ local, state/ federal laws. Ads that are in poor taste, offensive, false, misleading, or deceptive are not accepted. No govt postal job ads are accepted. Ads requiring cash in advance require satisfaction guaranteed as part of the ad. Classified Ads for work at home programs are accepted with discretion. Each individual publisher reserves the right to reject any ad, based on their own criteria. All Financial ads must provide a physical address & business history on file prior to run to receive full circulation.