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California Banner Ad Network

Code: 8207

California Banner Ad Network consists of 143 newspaper websites across the state of California.  EAch month the member websites generate over 500 million pageviews - As many as!   24% of the users are loyal users that visit four or more times per month.

Visitor Profile:
College Educated:  46%
Married:  58%
Employed:  58%; Retired:  24%
Male:  47%; Female:  53%
Median Age:  52.6 years
Median Income: $59,950

In-CA Resident:  90%
Employed:  58%
White Collar:  42%
Minority:  20%
Registered to vote: 93% 
Democrat:  44%
Republican:  31%
Liberatarian: 1% 

This is a statewide buy with over 833k impressions.  Larger buys are available for lower CPM's.  If needed we can target our banner ads to northern or southern California only.  Pricing varies for this. We can also create custom buys of specific newspaper in groups of 10 or more.  Those rates start at $20 CPM.  Please call 618-351-7570 for details.


Is your ad longer than base price?
20 Word Base Ad - $5,000.00

Standard Number of Words: 20
Number of Publications: 142
Circulation: 833,333
Guidelines and Restrictions: All ads subject to pre-approval. The ads must clearly indentify the advertiser name or product. Every banner must have a border or strong background color. The newspapers reserve the right to remove any ad deemed as annoying and/or harmful to users. All ads must be submitted in all three sizes: Leaderboard (728x90), Medium Rectangle (300x250) and Wide Skyscraper (160x600). Ad Specs: jpeg, gif or flash. File size: gif/jpegs - 20kb; flash - 30kb. Animation is limited to 15 second including looping for gif or swf. Banners and links should be emailed to Email@ All banner ads are run of site (ROS). This means that the ad could run anywhere on the newspaper website. For example: the home page on some websites, the photo page on some or the opinion page on others.