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AZ, Phoenix New Times - Classified Advertising

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Your print classified ad will reach over 300,000 Readers with this excellent Alternative paper buy. Alternative papers are an entertainment oriented paper, typically read by a more-educated 20-40 year old reader. This is a zone-distributed drop paper available at restaurants, grocery stores, college campuses, select retailers and various locations throughout the Phoenix metro area.

About Phoenix New Times:

"Since its founding in 1970, Phoenix New Times has kept the Valley of the Sun's feet to the fire. Over the years, the paper has attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal readers who consider the paper an unparalleled source of information and insight, from politics and business to music and the arts. Hard-hitting investigative reports on everything from the misadventures of Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the state's troubled juvenile justice system have earned the paper a well-deserved reputation for journalistic fearlessness, and trend-bending cultural coverage in the brash "Inferno" and "Revolver" columns make it a must-read for anyone interested in taking the temperature of "Phat Phoenix." In the process, New Times has collected an unprecedented number of reporting awards in prestigious national contests, as well as in its home state, where it regularly dominates the Arizona Press Club competition and boasts a string of Arizona Journalist of the Year winners." - Phoenix New Times

Classified advertising rate is based on 15 words.

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Standard Number of Words: 15
Number of Publications: 1
Circulation: 90,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: No 900# classified advertising.