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Santa Fe, New Mexico American Classifieds/ Thrifty Nickel

Code: 1634

Your print classified ad reaches over 17,000 Readers with these free rack distributed Shopper papers. 

Thrifty Nickel is one of the best classified newspaper advertising values that we offer.  Our advertisers that order Thrifty Nickel/American Classifieds ads generally run regularly as they get a great readership for their classified advertising dollar! 

Classified ads will run in the Thrifty Nickel/American Classified publications in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

Classified Advertising rate is based on 20 words.

For a complete listing of Thrifty Nickel and American Classified advertising options click here!


Is your ad longer than base price?
20 Word Base Ad - $17.00
25 Word Ad - $22.00
30 Word Ad - $27.00
35 Word Ad - $32.00
40 Word Ad - $37.00
45 Word Ad - $42.00

Standard Number of Words: 20
Number of Publications: 1
Circulation: 17,500
Guidelines and Restrictions: Business Service classified advertising may have a $6 additional fee.