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American Classifieds - Thrifty Nickel Advertising Rates

American Classifieds, also known as Thrifty Nickels, are some of the nation's top performing free weekly publications.

Thrifty Nickel has been a household name for more than 30 years and has published over 400 million private party classified ads, making American Classifieds ONE OF THE LARGEST free classified advertising newspaper in the United States.

American Classifieds and Thrifty Nickel publications are FREE to their readers and distributed to many locations across the United States. Thrifty Nickel and American Classifieds papers are printed and distributed every Thursday via rack distribution. They offer a weekly circulation of over 400,000 papers. All of their private party classified advertising and many of their business ads are also available for online viewing at Most of the classified advertising that we sell into Thrifty Nickel and American Classifieds are uploaded as a FREE bonus to their website free of charge each week.

We highly recommend advertising in American Classifieds and Thrifty Nickel publications. They offer such a loyal readership and our readers are generally very pleased with their responses.



Reader Demographics for Thrifty Nickel/American Classifieds

Annual Income: $25,000-$99,000 (74%)
Age: 25-54 years (69%)
Demand Distribution: Not home delivered. 100%
Demand distribution means that everyone who picks up the publication is looking to buy!
Weekly Readership: 2.5 milion
Days paper is in the home: A week or more! (35%)
Gender: Female - 54%; Male - 46%


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