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Among Affluent Americans, Print Media Is Tops

Death of Traditional Outlets Has Been Greatly Exaggerated By: Stephen Kraus, Bio Published: August 01, 2011 Mark Twain famously quipped that news of his death was exaggerated when the press mistook his cousin’s serious illness for his own. Today, much the same could be said about traditional media. It seems that its death is foretold [...]

NEW RESEARCH: CONSUMERS RATE NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING AS PRIMARY SHOPPING INFORMATION SOURCE – Newspaper Association of America: Advancing Newspaper Media for the 21st Century

Newspaper Ads Rank First in Driving Consumers to Take Action; Preprints Still Read By Strong Majority of U.S. Adults Ads on Local Newspaper Websites Rank Ahead of Portals, Search Engines and Social Media Arlington, Va. – Newspaper advertising is the leading advertising medium cited by consumers in planning, shopping and making purchasing decisions, according to [...]

3 Reasons Why Print Advertising is Still A Lethal Weapon for A Winning Marketing Campaign

In the era of the internet, most people tend to attach little or no importance to print advertising. A deluge of pop-ups on your computer screen and mobile message beeps herald the launch of many a new product or service and we tend to think… who reads the papers? Regardless of the growth of the [...]