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Affiliate FAQ

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All affiliates will receive their own unique URL that they can promote that will track their sales.  Register online now to receive your personal link to promote online.  All orders must come through your link for you to be credited for the sale.

Cost to Join:  $0

Commission Rate:  5% paid by the 30th of the following month

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Affiliate Program FAQ

We have compiled a few of our frequently asked questions below.  If you still have questions about the program, please contact us at 618-351-7570.  We will gladly assist you personally!

Can I earn commissions for sales that are not placed through the website?
Yes. Any sale that you generate from an inactive account will be credited to you. All web programs apply. We recommend that you contact us via email and let us know who may be calling so we can make sure the credit is applied to the correct representative.

Do I have to have a website to join the affiliate program?
No. Though most affiliates do, many simply join and use their affiliate URL for promotions in emails or online free and paid advertising sites. If you have a MySpace or other social networking account, you can promote a banner ad on that as well! It is a great way to get the word out!

How can I contact you?
To send an e-mail to our Affiliate Program Team, select 'Contact Us'. Next type your message in the provided area and click continue, your message will be sent immediately.

How can I give you feedback?
You can always telephone us direct or email us with questions or feedback at We also encourage you to rate us at: Review
Affiliate Programs

How do I change my account information ?
Select Edit Affiliate Account from the Affiliate Summary menu. Once you have made the appropriate adjustments be sure to click on the "update" button at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my affliate account password?
Select 'Change Password' from the Affliate Summary menu.

How do I create a product banner on my site?
To create a product link select 'Build Product Link' from the Affliate Banners/Links menu. Next enter the product number you wish to build a product link for. You may also view available products by number by selecting 'click here', next enter the number in the 'Build a Link' field and press enter. Copy the code shown and paste it in your website. You may use our banner and text links, or you may create you own.

How do I end my current session?
Select Affiliate Log Out from the Affiliate Program menu to end your session.

How do I post a banner on my site?
You may create one of your own banners these can be downloaded at the product banners link page, or category banners link page. You may also use one of our product or category banners, by selecting either of these from the Affiliates Program menu and paste the code shown into your website.